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Keeping our community safe.

Creeekside is dedicated to keeping all of our clients and staff safe. We are a small family run business and we follow strict social distancing guidelines at work and in our home. Here is a current list of our updated safety protocol and procedures:

  • Clients are required to be out of the home or isolated in one room for the duration of your service

  • Households are required to answer a COVID-19 health screening questionnaire within 24 hours of service

  • Staff wear masks and gloves for the entirety if the service

  • All supplies are decontaminated before and after each service including shoes, cleaning supplies and all equipment

  • For Regular Services we have transitioned to compostable, single-use rags

  • We follow contact tracing guidelines and reserve the right to cancel services at anytime to follow CDC guidelines and procedures for quarantine

COVID-19 Safety: About
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